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Executive Management Services
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Analyse... Implement... Manage
Executive Management Services
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Welcome to Ayoka
managing businesses
Our company name "Ayoka" is derived from an African name, meaning "someone who is bringing joy". It is exactly this feeling that we want to bring to our clients when we have finalized our common business project.
Our experience, managing business projects, both as a business owner and/or functional manager, has proven that many projects "do not bring joy" to all parties involved. Mostly this is due to a lack of clear agreements, lack of common understanding of the issues, insufficient project management and no clear guidance from senior management.

The methodology used by us, has been developed just in order to avoid such an outcome. It will result in a professional, joint and successful effort when implementing new processes or systems.
Services provided
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Assist clients in analysing, reviewing, defining existing business processes within today's organisation and operations ("as-is" process). Analyse and define process improvements, add new processes ("to-be" process). Analyse necessity for implementation of BPM suite to support new process organsization.
 Interim C.E.O. Assignments
Based upon our extensive experience as CEO of international companies, we can provide temporary assistance as CEO, to allow shareholders to recruit a new CEO, or to assist shareholders with M&A activities.
BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT Crisis & Turnaround Management Interim C.E.O. Assignments Mediation
 Crisis & Turnaround Management
In today's economic climateC, some companies experience difficulties in executing their strategy, budgets. We can assist with professional help in solving the existing crisis, or developing a plan for a company turnaround and implement it. We put our accumulated management experience at the client's service, helping them restore profitability and growth
The new belgian law "Wet Continuiteit Onderneming" has created the new position of "ondernemingsbemiddelaar". This person assist the company's owner/managers with securing re-financing agreements with its debtors, new social agreements with its employees and other interested parties.